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Juicy Dragon specializes in growing, harvesting, packing and distributing the finest Longan, Lychee and Pitaya fruits from Florida. We are uniquely positioned, managing the entire supply chain to bring tropical fruit from the trees of South Florida to out-of-state retailers in as little as 2 days. Juicy Dragon guarantees top prices for its fruit by carefully matching and timing your supply with market demands.

Whether you are a farmer looking to sell your fruit or an owner needing a full management solution for your grove, Juicy Dragon has it covered. With over 30 years of combined experience growing and selling Longan, Lychee and Pitaya from South Florida, Juicy Dragon has the specialized skills to produce top quality product, maximize yields and demand top end prices. Our management services include fertilizer and pesticide application, irrigation maintenance, pruning, harvesting, packing and selling. We work alongside our farmers and owners to advise, plan and deliver our services as they are required.

Located in the heart of Homestead, Juicy Dragon can respond rapidly to customer needs and provide outstanding service. Customer focus is our priority, we believe in honesty and transparency to ensure happy working relationships with our customers. With expertise all through the supply chain we are able to keep our farmers up to date with the market and work together to maximize profit.

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