About Us:

Juicy Dragon is a family owned and operated business born from over 30 years combined experience growing, packing and distributing Asian fruit from South Florida. Along with our sister company located in New York City, Juicy Dragon provides tropical fruit to retailers in major cities across the US. Our company was created to produce an easy and fresh experience for farmers and grove owners to bring high quality fruit to market. Customer focus is our priority, we believe in honesty and transparency to ensure happy working relationships with our customers.

Juicy Dragon’s owners and brother’s in-law, Nick Horton and Victor Tam take an all-encompassing approach to the growing of Lychee, Longan and Pitaya fruits effectively combining their hands-on practical experience with farming best practices. During fruit season, you might find Victor under a bushy cactus trimming away at the thorny branches which produces the Pitaya fruit while Nick is high up operating the cherry picker thinning Longan fruit.

Latest News

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FDA considering amendments to Produce Safety Regulation here

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